How Much Money Has ‘Chewbacca Mom’ Made Since Her Video Went Viral?

Jun 9, 2016 at 9:45 am |

It pays to share the simple joys!

One morning, Candace Payne decided to hit record on a Facebook Live video from the parking lot of her local Kohl’s store. She had just bought a Star Wars mask and was excited to share her discovery with her Facebook friends, but she had no idea how much that was going to change her life.

We had no idea doing a short video on Facebook could lead to so much fame and money.

Credit: Facebook / Candace Payne

Credit: Facebook / Candace Payne

“Chewbacca Mom” Candace Payne has made a lot of money since her viral video shot her to fame.

So, how much money has she made since?