How One Mom Took Leftover Cardboard Boxes To Create The Ultimate Dream Kitchen For Her Daughter

Mar 8, 2016 at 11:19 am |

This mom's DIY play kitchen is seriously amazing!

Do you have one of those plastic play kitchens in your house that your kids absolutely love to play with? I did when my kids were young but I think we got lucky enough to pick one up second hand instead of dropping a few hundred dollars on them, which is what they cost new.

One Filipina mom by the name of Rodessa Villanueva Reyes is putting us all to shame and giving us some serious DIY envy after creating the most incredibly home made kitchen for her daughter made completely out of old cardboard boxes!


Photo courtesy Four Urban Women

This is what Rodessa started with when she began to create the ultimate dream kitchen for her 1 year old daughter Audrey, and you won’t believe what the finished product looks like!

One Filipina mom is showing us all that with a little creativity and some cardboard boxes you can create your child the play kitchen of their dreams!

See how Rodessa created the ultimate play kitchen using boxes and creativity!