How This Beauty Styling Tool May Be The Secret To Perfect Ombré Hair

Mar 23, 2016 at 1:37 pm |

It makes so much sense!

We’ve seen a million hair trends come and go over the past year. There’s sunset hairpumpkin spice hair, and even glitter roots, but there is no hair trend that has held on quite as much as the ombré hair trend.

While many of us love this latest trend – I personally think it’s gorgeous – it can be hard to achieve especially if you’re trying it on your own. I’ve seen many people who look like they’ve just stuck their head in a bucket of hair dye and they have a distinct line across their hair. I’ve seen women who just don’t have the proper blending to make the ombré look the way it’s supposed to.

One Istanbul hairdresser by the name of Ozden Kurtur has revealed his trick to creating the perfect ombré and it’s easier than you think!

Ozden Kurtur Instagram

Photo Credit: Ozden Kurtur Instagram

A hairdresser has revealed how a common beauty tool can obtain the perfect level of ombre hair and it’s simply genius.

See how this beauty tool can help you get perfect ombre hair!