How You Can Give Your Hair Perfect, Wavy Curls Using Toilet Paper!

Feb 19, 2016 at 1:33 pm |

Believe it or not, toilet paper provides a great, non heat way to curl your hair. Seriously!


We’ve seen many different ways to curl and style our hair over the years. There’s been curling irons and wands and hair dryers and hot rollers, but all those tools used too often can often result in damaging your hair.

Non heat options to curl your hair have been wrapping your hair in twists and sleeping, using rags or socks or even headbands to get that right level of curl without that damage that comes from heat styling.

Now one beauty blogger is trying another non-heat hack to curl her hair and it involves toilet paper. Yes, you read that right, toilet paper. Toilet paper can apparently give you stunning curls if wrapped around your hair the proper way!

Nicole Sykes is a beauty vlogger who tries out beauty hacks to see if they actually work or if they’re just ‘wack’. I use heat styling on my hair a lot – like every day – so finding an alternative that’s easy and quick and will give my hair nice, soft curls is a definite plus for me. And I always have toilet paper in my house!




Tired of using only hair damaging heat options to curl your hair? Who knew you could use toilet paper to get gorgeous curls!

Keep reading to see how you can curl your hair with toilet paper