If You Swaddle Your Baby It Could Lead To Major Health Problems Later In Life

Apr 13, 2016 at 4:26 pm |

Can swaddling babies lead to hip problems?

When my children were babies, I used the swaddling technique to calm them down and eventually get them to sleep. It was recommended by the nurses at our hospital and for the most part I’ll say that it worked. I can recall one nurse telling me that swaddling gives babies the impression that they are still in the womb, which supposedly sends them an array of warm emotions.

Now there’s a new report that says we might be risking our children’s health by swaddling them as newborns. Apparently the technique can also cause painful hip injuries later in life and doctors are now warning parents not to do it anymore!

So is swaddling really that risky considering the majority of us have done it before?!


Photo via Pixabay

New research says that swaddling newborn babies might lead to hip problems later in life.

Find out how swaddling can affect a baby later in life.