If Your Kids Play These Apps, Then You Need To Read This

Jul 12, 2016 at 12:51 am |

Whatever happened to just ‘being yourself?’

I’ll be completely honest in telling everyone that we’ve been a good couple weeks into our summer vacation and yes, my kids have had a LOT of screen time in the form of television, tablets, Skype, and laptops. I’m not gonna lie – finding a way for them to be entertained everyday has been pretty tough and taxing on me as well and sometimes mama needs a break!

Now, of course everything is going to be shut off the moment they start school again (it is the summer break after all) and let me tell you, there’s only so many pool play dates, theme parks, trips to the mall and slumber parties I can take. Mama needs her rest, too and that’s why I sometimes rely on my trusty electronic babysitter to watch over my kids when I need it too.

But it looks like I might have to take a closer look at what my children – and my daughter in particular – is playing on her tablet as some of these free games aren’t what they are all cracked up to be.

Metro Screenshot

Credit: Screenshot / Dream Date App

A new study shows that young girls who play video games about dressing up and dating tend to have a lowered self confidence when it comes to their looks and body image.

These games might seem harmless until you take a closer look.