Important Safety Message Issued Urging Parents to Limit Infant Car Seat Use

Nov 16, 2016 at 3:28 pm |

An important safety warning to parents of infants

I remember when my kids were first born, I didn’t travel far distances in the car. The first month or so were spent mostly at home, and maybe locally to run an errand, or drive to the grocery store.

My in-laws lived about an hour drive away, but they would come and visit us as I found the first six weeks challenging to go anywhere.
But that was just me! Many new moms are rearing to go as soon as a few days after birth. But taking a road trip with an infant? There are families who do, and are able to travel longer distances.

But now, there is an important safety warning to parents of infants that shouldn’t be ignored.

Portrait of Adorable Baby Boy Sucking

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Parents are being urged to limit their newborn’s car seat use to no more than 30 minutes because otherwise it can be very dangerous.

This urging is a matter of our baby's safety and they're serious.