Inspirational Mother Turned Her Personal Tragedy Into Hope After Her Son Died

Oct 13, 2016 at 10:30 am |

A heartbroken mother honored the son she lost by helping other babies.

I know a lot of people have probably said this before me (and continue to say this every day), but there really is something truly magical and powerful and even superhuman about being a mother. We managed to find the strength to pick ourselves up during our most painful and emotional moments and carry on because that’s simply what we do.

That’s why Wendy Cruz-Chan’s story is so amazing and inspiring that you’ll really have to wonder where this woman gets her strength and determination from. The Brooklyn-based woman managed to turn her personal tragedy into hope for so many mothers and babies in need after her son died. Get your tissues ready because you’re going to need it for this.


Credit: Wendy Cruz-Chan/Instagram

One mother of a stillborn son donates over 16 gallons of breast milk to mothers and babies in need.

She turned to social media to connect with other mothers before doing this…