Internet Calls Out Pregnant Woman And Shames Her For What She Did With Her Body

Jul 24, 2016 at 12:15 am |

People seriously had no chill.

When we’re pregnant, there are a million things we’re told we are not supposed to do. There are rules we’re asked to follow – many that make a lot of sense to keep ourselves and/or our baby safe. But there are a few that are more safety guidelines than full-on “rules” which leaves a lot of gray area that some people don’t see as such.

That’s what happened when one pregnant mama-to-be posted a photo of herself on social media while she was eight months pregnant… she got called out and majorly shamed.

Credit: Instagram / @sydneyleroux

Credit: Instagram / @sydneyleroux

Strangers took to a pregnant woman’s Instagram page to call her out for tubing and she replies with the BEST response.

Do you think she’s putting her baby in danger?