Is Ear Makeup A Thing Now?

Jul 1, 2016 at 2:47 pm |

Ears aren't just for earrings any more!

I have to admit that even though my makeup routine consists of powder, lip gloss and mascara (and a second coat of mascara if I’m going out) I absolutely love seeing all the new makeup trends as they rise in popularity.

I’ll never know how to properly highlight, but I love how this rainbow highlighter looks, and while this lipstick art is completely impractical, it’s still amazing to look at. There’s a new makeup trend that’s quickly rising in popularity and while I won’t be sporting it anytime soon, I think it’s something we might start to see a lot more of.

Move over earrings and earclimbers and ear cuffs, there’s a whole new way to decorate your ears, and it’s by applying makeup to them!

Instagram User dankamua

Credit: Instagram / @dankamua

Move over boring earrings and ear climbers and ear cuffs, there’s a new way to decorate your ears that’s a lot less permanent.

Would you wear this?