Is Fingermouthing The New Duck Face?!

Jul 6, 2016 at 10:50 am |

The new trend in selfies is to use your hands!

Are you a selfie person? I, admittedly, am not. I don’t take a good selfie. I mean, I take a few selfies but I always think they look ridiculous so I never post them. I have one friend who posts nothing but selfies, and while I think that’s ridiculous, at least she looks good in them.

No one posts selfies more than the teen/twentysomething crowd, and while the duckface and sideways peace sign poses have been popular for a long time, there’s a new pose that’s about to begin to rule the selfie universe, and that’s fingermouthing.

Source: Ashely Benson Instagram

Move over duckface, there’s a new selfie pose in town and it’s called fingermouthing!

Do you fingermouth?