Is It Ever OK To Leave Your Baby Home Alone?

May 19, 2016 at 1:33 pm |

You may be surprised by some people's responses

Have you ever had the urge, or need, to run to the store quickly because you’ve forgotten something for dinner or you need to pick something up real quick? Sure you have, we all have. But would you do it if you had a baby sleeping at home?

What if it would only take you roughly 7 minutes round trip, and your baby slept at the same time every day? Would you do it? Would you risk it?

That’s the question on mom is asking on a message board, and you might be surprised at the responses she’s getting.


After posting a question to an online forum, one woman wants to know if it’s ever ok to leave your baby home alone?

Is there ever a circumstance where you would leave your baby home alone?