Is It Safe To Smoke Marijuana During Pregnancy? You’d Be Surprised Of The Answer

Sep 14, 2016 at 12:50 pm |

Pregnancy and pot

I’m not a huge fan of smoking anything, quite honestly. I think the last time I had a drag of a cigarette was after I graduated college and to be honest with you, it was never appealing to me. The smell, the cost, the health consequences, it just wasn’t all worth it to me. The same applies to marijuana or any other type of recreational drug. It’s just downright nasty in my opinion.

With all the issues and details you worry about during your pregnancy, I couldn’t imagine toking up while pregnant, too. Yet, for some it’s a lifestyle choice and for others it’s a necessity.

And while the topic is definitely controversial for some, there’s a new, surprising report that dispels all the myths about smoking marijuana during pregnancy and whether or not it really does harm to your fetus.

pregnancy and pot

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There’s a new report that says smoking marijuana during pregnancy may not be as harmful to fetuses after all.

But does this mean mamas should be toking up?