Is This 4th Grader’s Invention The Secret To No More Kids Being Forgotten In Hot Cars?

Nov 14, 2016 at 9:01 am |

That's one smart kid

It was a rough summer and I have lost track of how many stories I wrote about kids dying after being forgotten by parents and caregivers in hot cars.

Each time we, the parenting community, collectively shook our heads and pointed our fingers, wondering how anyone could forget a child in a car for so long that they end of dying. Many have offered the solution to help prevent these tragedies from happening, and now one 4th grader has created an invention that she thinks will help prevent further tragedies.

child in hot car

Credit: ChameleonsEye /

This 4th grader invented a device to help prevent parents from forgetting their kids in their car.

Check out her invention because it's seriously so smart!