Is This Fitness Blogger Shaming Pregnant Moms Who Don’t Work Out?

Apr 4, 2016 at 2:05 pm |

She says growing a baby is not a handicap.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I hit my local swimming pool and did the best I could to swim laps for about a half hour each day. During my first trimester, I tried working out in a gym, but had such horrible morning sickness that I ended up barfing in the locker rooms and doing very little until I felt normal again.

I’ll admit… I didn’t do anything strenuous in the pool and ended up gaining a lot of weight during the course of my pregnancy. My goal wasn’t to stay fit, but to simply move from time to time and I felt most comfortable doing it in a pool.

Ultimately, it was my choice. I didn’t cave in to the pressure of being a super fit mama with the hopes of keeping a six pack going up until my due date. Yet, that seems to be the new trend now as one fitness blogger is telling moms that growing a baby in your body is not a handicap. In other words, she wants you to get up and move.

But is everyone listening to her advice?

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Sia Cooper is super ripped – and pregnant – and making no apologies for it.

Are pregnant women being shamed for not exercising and staying in shape?