It Looks Like Homework Will Soon Be A Memory Of The Past

Aug 16, 2016 at 12:36 pm |

Should homework be banned altogether?

Growing up I wasn’t a big fan of homework but I didn’t mind it either. In fact, I often appreciated the homework that was given to my just because it gave me an opportunity to review the lesson at home or in a much quieter space after school. Plus, whatever I didn’t quite catch the first time around I managed to pick up simply by re-reading a chapter in a book or completely whatever additional worksheets were given to me that night. Simply put, homework did help for me although I know that’s not always the case for some people.

In fact, there’s a new report that says homework might soon be a thing of the past as many school districts are pushing to ban it altogether. While some people think it’s a crazy idea, for some school districts it’s actually working.


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More school districts are banning homework for the upcoming school year with a lot of states following suit.

Is this really a crazy idea?