It’s Here! Disney Pixar Finally Releases The First Trailer For Finding Dory!

Mar 2, 2016 at 11:37 am |

Just keep swimming! The much anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo has finally given us the first trailer!

Having 4 kids means I’ve seen just about every Disney movie ever made, but my all time favourite is still probably Finding Nemo. It came out in 2003, right after I had my first child so it was basically my introduction to watching Disney movies with my kids and I’ve seen it approximately 410 times and I can recite it word for word.

It’s been 13 years but we now finally have a sequel to Finding Nemo to look forward to, and the trailer for Finding Dory was featured today on The Ellen Show.


Just keep swimming! The first trailer for the much anticipated ‘Finding Dory’ is finally here!

Watch the first trailer for 'Finding Dory'!