It’s Now Legal In Florida To Break Into Someone’s Car To Rescue Their Dog

Mar 11, 2016 at 5:18 pm |

This law will no doubt save lives.

I’ve lived in Florida practically my entire life and I can tell you – it gets damn hot up in here. During the summer months it gets so bad that I literally break a sweat just walking down my driveway to my mailbox. If it’s over 90 degrees (and seriously humid) my kids don’t go to the park until the sun goes down and if you dare to go to Disney World in August… God bless you.


Don’t leave your pet alone in the car.

And that’s why I’m very careful whenever I take my dog on road trips. In fact, I couldn’t imagine sitting in a hot car by myself for two minutes and that’s why I would never leave my dog in one, either.

Yet, it still happens to other dogs on a regular basis and that’s why the state of Florida is about to change that.

In Florida, it is now legal to break into someone’s car to rescue pets left inside.

Pet owners should never leave their furry family members in a hot car!