It’s True: Raising Kids Is One Of The Worst Things That Can Happen In Your Life

Aug 15, 2016 at 10:47 am |

According to science, of course.

It looks like we finally have a legitimate reason as to why we keep on messing up (periodically at least) at this thing called parenthood. Because apparently it’s not only the toughest job in the world (no joke), but science also says that its’ the worst thing that can happen in your life, too.

But it’s not like we already didn’t know that, right? I mean, the entire summer I’ve done nothing but nag at my children for spending too much time in front of screens, making a huge mess all over the house, nagging me, complaining that they are bored and always wanting my attention. But the moment I drop them off on their first day of school, I miss them like crazy. And I mean, CRAZY. Life is just so ridiculously complicated that way, right?

Well now it looks like parenting not only makes us pull our hair out, but it might be the reason why so many of us are unhappy, too.

motherhood and depression

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There’s a new report that says raising kids can indeed be one of the ‘crappiest’ things you do.

Tell us something we don’t already know!