Jack Osbourne Is A Great Dad So That His Daughter Won’t Marry ‘A Total Piece Of S**T’

Oct 20, 2016 at 10:11 am |

He has a Freudian theory about parenting

As parents, it is our responsibility to not only keep our children alive and thriving now, but to also make sure we are preparing them for the future. This is why we teach them how to be responsible little people, educate them with the knowledge they need to succeed in life and relationships and be kind to others ourselves, in hopes they will follow in our footsteps.

Jack Osbourne’s oldest daughter, Pearl, is only 4, but the former reality star has already put a lot of thought into how to shape his little girl into an awesome human.

He has even thought about how to ensure she doesn’t end up marrying a total awful guy.

Credit: Instagram / @jackosbourne

Credit: Instagram / @jackosbourne

The reality star dad talks about how he’s raising his family and why he’s so focused on being a good one for his daughter’s future.

What is Jack Osbourne’s parenting plan?