Jared Fogle Is Suing His Victim’s Parents Claiming His Actions Were Their Fault

Sep 6, 2016 at 10:21 am |

This is just absolutely ridiculous.

Unfortunately, Jared Fogle is yet another example of the sometimes horrible, unjust and totally messed up world that we live in. The former Subway spokesperson and all around disgusting human being (if you can even consider him human), was sentenced to 15 years and eight months in prison on multiple child pornography charges.

And now the human filth is doing the unbelievable. He’s supposedly suing the parents of one of his female victims, because he believes it’s their fault that their daughter displayed such “destructive behavior” by allowing herself to do what she did.


Jared Fogle

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There’s a new report that says former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle is suing his victim’s parents.

Some of these details are absolutely horrible.