Jessica and Ashley SImpson’s Dad Joe Diagnosed With Cancer

Nov 15, 2016 at 10:31 am |

Sad news about Jessica and Ashlee’s dad

We don’t know most of the parents of Hollywood’s most talked about stars by name, but Joe Simpson is more famous than a lot of celebrities. The father of Ashlee and Jessica, Joe, a former minister gained notoriety managing the careers of his little girls.

He often found himself in the center of controversy, whether for making a rather inappropriate comment about their mammary glands or for the choices he made in their careers, but he really nabbed headlines when it was alleged that he cheated on his wife of several years with a young man and that he was actually gay.

Joe has maintained a rather low-key lifestyle since splitting with Tina, but is back in the headlines this week for a very sad reason – he has been diagnosed with cancer.

Jessica Simpson and Joe Simpson

Credit: Getty Images / Nancy Ostertag

The father of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Joe, has been diagnosed with cancer and his reps gave an update on how he’s doing.

What type of cancer was Joe diagnosed with?