Jill Dillard Once Again Raises Eyebrows With A Very Personal Social Media Post

Jun 10, 2016 at 12:15 pm |

Is this too personal?

The Duggar family is no stranger to controversy, especially after eldest brother Josh Duggar’s recent sex scandal.

While the Duggar family was once one of America’s favorite large families, they’ve now fallen out of favor with a lot of former fans. However many of the Duggar kids, including the now married Jill and Jessa still have a large social media following and still appear on TLC.

Maybe that’s why Jill decided to use her twitter account to ask for some help with a pretty personal situation?

Jill Dillard Instagram

Credit: Instagram / @jillmdillard

Did reality star Jill Dillard go too far with her latest tweet?

See what Jill has done to raise to many eyebrows!