Jim Bob Duggar Stresses Out Over Jinger Breaking Courting Rules With Fiancé Jeremy Vuolo

Oct 24, 2016 at 10:54 am |

The family patriarch is very serious about his courting rules

Like most other celebrity families, the Duggars are not just like us. In fact, they aren’t even like any other celebrity families. The devout Independent Baptists do not believe in sex – let alone kissing or front-hugging – before marriage, so it’s basically been a full-time job for Jim Bob and his wife Michelle to police their 19 kids “courting” lives over the years. They have a chaperoning method in place to prevent any pre-martial wrong-doing, which usually works quite well.

However, this week, Jinger may have violated it by front-hugging her fiancé Jeremy Vuolo.

Credit: TLC

Credit: TLC

The Duggar family are feeling a lot of stress thanks to rule-breaker daughter, Jinger

Why is Jim Bob Duggar so stressed out?