Josh Duggar: Former Reality Television Star On Sexual Assault: ‘It’s Not My Fault!’

Jul 18, 2016 at 8:49 am |

This is no way to win over fans!

Let me tell you, when it comes to the Duggar family, it’s like they are the Hollywood gossip blog that’s the gift that keeps on giving. While they’ve gone through the kind of scandals that would definitely send others to reality television oblivion, they’ve still got both loyal fans who will do anything to defend their family name and reputation and critics who absolutely loathe them.

Whatever side of the fence you’re on, there’s no doubting that the Duggars just keep on making headlines for the things they do (and something don’t even do!). This time around it seems like they’ve touched quite a sensitive nerve as there’s a new report that says Josh Duggar won’t be apologizing for his sexual crimes anytime soon.


Credit: Instagram / @duggarfam

Josh Duggar’s not interested in telling anyone his side of the story.

Does this make you hate Josh Duggar even more?!?