Judge Encourages Madonna And Guy Ritchie To Resolve Their Custody Battle For Sake Of Son Rocco

Mar 3, 2016 at 4:56 pm |

The former spouses have been engaged in a custody battle for months.

Things are getting heated! Madonna and her ex-husband Guy Richie have been engaged in a custody battle over son Rocco for months now, with Madonna angry that Guy refused to return Rocco to NYC back in December.

Madonna has been vocal about her wish to have her son with her by posting pictures to her social media accounts, with posts reaffirming that she can be a good mother and an entertainer and posts simply stating that she misses her son.

After visiting his father in London for the holidays in December, Rocco refused to return to NYC to live with his mother, kicking off a heated custody battle between his parents.

Photo Credit: Instagram

A NYC Supreme Court Judge is asking Madonna and her ex-husband Guy Richie to come to an amicable custody agreement over their son Rocco.

Judge asks Madonna and Guy Richie to think of Rocco first!