Kate Gosselin Fires Back At Abuse Claims While Jon Claims ‘The Whole Story Isn’t Being Told’

Nov 22, 2016 at 10:43 am |

Will this family ever find peace?

I have been a Kate Gosselin apologist for many years. Sure, I know she can seem shrill and grating watching her on television, but I think I’d probably be the same if I had 8 children too. I have half the amount of children she has and sometimes I think I may lose my mind. I also think that she’s doing as much as she humanly can do as a single parent of 8 children who has been criticized and scrutinized for much of the last decade.

The Gosselin family, who has mainly managed to stay out of the tabloids for the last few years, was thrown back in recently when patriarch Jon Gosselin began to complain to the press that he hasn’t seen all of his children together in over a year and hasn’t seen son Collin in a year and a half.

Now the rumor has started up again and both Jon and Kate are sitting down with the press separately to set the record straight.

jon and kate

Credit: Getty Images / Thos Robinson

Kate Gosselin is speaking out about son Collin while her ex-husband insists we still don’t know the entire story.

Whose side are you on?