Kelly Clarkson Reveals Her Plans for More Children Just Months After Her Second Baby

Oct 6, 2016 at 11:01 am |

The American Idol reveals whether or not she has babies on the brain

As soon as my son was born, people immediately started asking me if I wanted to have another. And literally the moment my daughter popped out, the question made an immediate reappearance.

Well, Kelly Clarkson is a mom, so obviously people are going to ask her the exact same question. But instead of those people being friends and family, they happen to be other celebrities, like talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, and she is forced to respond to the question in front of millions of Americans.

Well, unlike myself, Clarkson is not undecided on the issue.

is kelly clarkson expecting twins?

Credit: Instagram / @kellyclarkson

The singing superstar opens up about her plans for more children and what her family is like now.

HOW many more kids does Kelly want?!