Kendra Wilkinson Is Sacrificing Her Sex Life To Do This With Her Kids Instead!

May 18, 2016 at 11:57 am |

Would you do this for your kids?

Say what you will about Kendra Wilkinson, but there’s no denying that she’s a loving and dedicated mother who loves her family immensely. That’s why she is making the ultimate sacrifice to spend as much time as she can with her two children, Hank, 6, and her 2-year-old daughter Alijah.

And that’s probably why her latest revelation is making a lot of waves. Some people are saying that she’s either a great mom for doing this, or a lousy wife for neglecting her husband!

Kendra Wilkinson/Instagram

Kendra Wilkinson is making the ultimate sacrifice for her kids.

Are you for or against the idea?