Kids As Young As 9 Are Addicted To ‘Digital Heroin’ And Here’s What You Can Do To Stop It

I’m sure it goes without saying that the majority of us are addicted to checking our iPhones multiple times a day. And it’s not just our social media apps, but our emails, our text messages, the weather, the news, and so much more. We can’t help but click, tap and swipe multiple times a day to keep up with our digital worlds. For some of us it’s so bad that our smart phone addictions are just like having ‘digital crack.’Unfortunately though our kids are watching and as most parents already know, they are repeating our every move throughout the day, whether we realize it or not. That’s why there’s a new report that says kids are doing something you wouldn’t believe while you think they are sleeping in bed!
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Joanna Mazewski

Joanna has been following the world of entertainment and celebrities since '05, having served as the Editor-in-Chief of Celebrity News Service and as a personal assistant for one of the original James Bond screenwriters, producer Kevin McClory during her days in Ireland. These days she’s a mother, warrior, celebrity writer and Disney dreamer. And she eats a lot of peanut butter M&Ms, as well.

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