Kids Can Now Sue Their Parents For Posting Pics Of Them On Social Media

Mar 7, 2016 at 2:52 pm |

And I agree with this 100 percent.

Get a load of this: You know those photos you posted of your kid having an epic meltdown because you refused to buy him yet another toy at Target? Or that time you shared a pic of your kids running butt naked around the house with nothing but Nutella on their face and fingers? Well now some kids have the right to sue their parents for posting photos of them on their social media accounts – without their consent.


Woman with her daughter sitting in a cafe

Woman with her daughter sitting in a cafe

But we’re not talking about any “legitimately objectionable” photos here – this means any pic your kid simply doesn’t approve of.

But before your start panicking and deleting all of those embarrassing pics of your kids on your Facebook page, there’s a catch.


Daily Mail

Kids in France can now sue their parents for posting pictures of them on social media.

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