Kim Kardashian International Secret Agent ~ See For Yourself!

May 18, 2016 at 3:56 pm |

Kim K... a spy? LOL

What comes to mind when I say: Kim Kardashian?

Selfies, Instagram, contouring, curves for days, “breaking the internet,” Kanye, E!… there’s a lot, right?

Then allow us to introduce a term you NEVER WOULD HAVE ASSOCIATED with Kim K: secret agent.

That’s right, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps thinks that Kim K is out to intentionally corrupt Iranian women and promote her particularly troublesome brand of “western promiscuity.”

Here are 8 reasons why there is no way Kim Kardashian is (snicker) plotting to corrupt Iran.

‘Super Sleuth’

Credit: Kim Kardashian West IG


The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps has accused Kim Kardashian of intentionally corrupting wholesome, religious Iranian women. Here are the 7 reasons why this isn’t possible.

The reasons aren't going to shock you...