Kim Kardashian Makes Bombshell Confessions About Her Fame In Pre-Robbery Interview

Oct 24, 2016 at 10:36 am |

She sat down with 60 Minutes

Kim Kardashian has been completely missing in action from the limelight since October 2, when she was held up at gunpoint and robbed in her Paris apartment. Usually tweeting, Snapchatting and blogging her days away, while getting all dolled up and hitting multiple red carpet events, doing photoshoots and pushing the latest lifestyle products, the mother of two has been holed up in the Los Angeles home she shares with Kanye West and their two children, North West and Saint, focusing on her family.

Well, before the traumatizing incident went down (where she was gagged and bound by the still on-the-loose robbers) she sat down to 60 Minutes correspondent Bill Whitaker and made some bombshell confessions about how she has basically manipulated social media to become rich and famous. Her interview has been broken down to five points and it’s totally on point.

Credit: 60 Minutes

Credit: 60 Minutes

The reality star sat down and did an interview before her robbery that’s really interesting considering everything that happened.

What she had to say is really eye-opening, especially all that's happened.