Kristen Bell Gets Real About Motherhood: ‘All Of Our Hands Smell Like Urine’

Jul 12, 2016 at 2:05 pm |

There is no instagram filter for real life!

No fancy Hollywood mom here!

Actress Kristen Bell is one of our favorite Hot Moms, and not just because we all can’t wait to see her star in the movie Bad Moms where she and her costars Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn say all the things all of us moms want to say. We love her because she’s an actual mom and she doesn’t try make her motherhood experience too Hollywood, when she’s just like the rest of us.

In a new interview the mother of two girls opens up about being a mom and how we’re all in it together, even if social media sometimes makes others look like they have the perfect life.

Instagram user Kristen Bell

Credit: Instagram / @kristenanniebell

Kristen Bell gets real about motherhood and how she’s trying very hard not to raise jerks.

See what the 'bad mom' has to say about not raising jerks!