Kristen Cavallari Has No Time For All You Mommy Shamers

Oct 10, 2016 at 11:19 am |

"I honestly don't care"

Mom shaming seems to be the most popular thing to do on the internet these days, don’t you think? It seems you can navigate those tricky parental waters on your own without some sanctimommy (or sanctidaddy or sanctigrandma – you get the idea) chiming in telling you what you’re doing wrong!

We’ve seen women criticized for gaining too much weight or too little weight, for being too fit or breastfeeding in public and even women shamed for what they allow their children to wear or play with! I’m amazed at how new mothers can actually keep it together right now with every single choice they make with regards to their children under constant scrutiny from every nosy neighbor and person with a smartphone who thinks they should have an opinion.

Celebrities almost have it worse, since many of them do a lot of their parenting in the public eye, making them easy targets for the mommy shamers of the internet. One celeb and mom of three isn’t having it though, and we should all take her advice to heart.

Instagram / @kristincavallari

Credit: Instagram / @kristincavallari

Former reality star and mom of 3 Kristin Cavallari is not here for your mommy shaming, so you should just save your comments.

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