Little Boy Was Kicked Out Of His Daycare For Refusing To Take Off A Dress

Nov 30, 2016 at 1:11 pm |

Is this discrimination?

As I’m sure plenty of parents know, kids of most ages love playing dress up. Girls love to pretend they are police officers and fire fighters the same way boys love dressing up as princesses. I’ve seen it plenty of times as my own two children have had fun playing make-believe with one another throughout the years.

Yet, there’s a new report that says one little boy was kicked out of his daycare for – get this – wearing a dress. And no, he wasn’t playing dress up, either. He simply loves wearing dresses everyday and wore one to school despite their ‘no long dresses’ policy. And now the little boy’s parents are fighting back, by calling out the school in their discrimination.


Credit: Shutterstock/ChiccoDodiFC

One little boy was kicked out of his daycare…. For wearing a dress!

Still trying to understand this because the reason doesn't make sense.