Little Girl Who Suffered Tragic Accident That Sliced Her Face In Half Is Now Smiling Again

Nov 16, 2016 at 12:46 pm |

She has defied the odds!

In July of 2013 a then 7-year-old Amber Kordiak was playing in the yard of her family’s Minnesota farm while her dad Jesse was fixing a tractor.

Amber went to attempt to climb one of the 600 pound tractor tires that was laying on it’s side when tragedy struck. The tire fell on Amber and the metal rim split the 7 year old’s face nearly in two while crushing the bones in her face and jaw.

Three years after the horrific accident and Amber is smiling once again.

Amber-Rose Kordiak

Credit: GoFundMe / Geneve Vaughan

After a tragic accident that saw this 7 year old girl’s face sliced in half and most of the bones in her face and jaw smashed, she’s now smiling again.

She's been through so much!