Little Girl Wins Halloween Dressed As Exhausted “Mombie”

Oct 31, 2016 at 10:34 am |

It’s like looking in a mirror.

Today is Halloween, which means two things: you’re going to be exhausted and your kids are going to be sugar-crazed and also exhausted. Tell me I’m not the only parent who kind of sort of dreads Halloween? It’s such a long day and it never ends well, despite my best intentions.

Regardless of my personal feelings about Halloween, it can be fun to see all of the creative costumes that kids can come up. My kids have approximately 10,581 costumes that they could choose from, from my mother’s impressive collection that she has amassed through the years and my careful after-Halloween hoarding, but they still want something brand-new every year. My son has changed his mind about ten times and I’m still not entirely sure what he will go as tonight for trick-or-treating, my oldest chose a costume that’s way too small for her, and my middle child insisted on making her own “artist” costume — which pretty much amounted to her splashing some paint on a T-shirt. But hey, whatever works and keeps them happy is good with me.

One little girl just took the cake for the world’s best (and most accurate) Halloween costume, however, so you probably will want to warn your kids that they aren’t winning any awards this year. Sorry, kids.

Credit: Shutterstock, Facebook / Rachael Fansler Beachy

Credit: Shutterstock, Facebook / Rachael Fansler Beachy

It’s hard to come up wit a creative Halloween costume but this little girl nailed it.

Check out her perfect Halloween costume.