Local Police Department Surprises Boy At Birthday Party When No One RSVP’s

Jun 24, 2016 at 12:20 pm |

"His real friends, the superheroes, showed up."

Carolyn Nicastro and her husband are used to people not bothering to respond to her son’s birthday party invitation. After all, this was the third year in a row they sent out invites to their son Daniel’s classmates, and the third year no one bothered to respond.

This year Carolyn told Daniel, who has autism, they were only going to have a family party in hopes of her son not being disappointed by no show classmates yet again, but her son wanted to invite a few school friends. Carolyn decided to also hand deliver an invitation to the local police department in hopes that maybe an officer or two would show up to say ‘hi’.

She never expected what would happen next.

Facebook User Carolyn Nicastro

Credit: Facebook / Carolyn Nicastro

When none of his friends showed up to his birthday party, a local police department saved the day for an 8 year old boy.

You have to see what happened next!