Male News Anchor Wears Same Suit for a Full Year to Highlight Something Important

Nov 25, 2016 at 1:00 pm |

Did anyone even notice?!

Men and women have always been judged differently, but the world of television news and weather is one area where it really stands out.

The women who appear on our television screens to deliver us our news and weather are constantly the victims of nasty comments from viewers who think it’s ok to judge these women based on what they wear or what they weigh.

After his co-worker gave a lecture and discussed some of the absolutely sexist comments she’s received about her wardrobe, one morning news anchor decided to conduct his own experiment and wore the same suit for a year.

news anchor wore same suit for a year

Credit: TODAY

In an effort to reveal the unfairness and sexism that surrounds his female co-workers, one news anchor wore the same suit on air for a year and no one noticed.

Would you notice?