Maternity Photos So Amazing They’ll Take Your Breath Away

Aug 12, 2016 at 9:51 am |

The mom looks like a true goddess.

There’s no denying that pregnancy and motherhood does bring out the best in a woman. Not only does your body go through some major changes, but your face, your aura and so much more. That’s perhaps why some people can’t get over how beautiful this mother-to-be looks in her maternity shots. In fact, some people are even calling her goddess-like because the photos are just that freaking beautiful.

I usually don’t have mom envy, but I’ll admit that even I can’t stop staring at some of these photos. Somehow this shoot manages to capture a woman’s strength and grace through pregnancy plus so much more. You’ve got to see these!


Credit: Facebook / Neva Michelle Photography

Keturah Antongiorgi’s maternity photos are taking the Internet by storm.

Find out why people can’t get over these gorgeous maternity shots.