Mel Gibson Has Hilarious Thoughts On Welcoming His 9th Child at 60 Years-Old

Oct 26, 2016 at 11:19 am |

He’s an old pro!

It was shocking enough when it was revealed awhile back that Mel Gibson was dating a woman nearly 35 years his junior, but the star recently dropped some bombshell news on Hollywood – that at 60 years old, he was expecting his ninth child with her. Rosalind Ross, pregnant for the first time at 26, is younger than six of the actor’s eight kids, so this new baby should really liven up the Gibson family reunions.

Most men would probably be really nervous to become a father at such a ripe age, but not Mel!

 Credit: s_bukley /

Credit: s_bukley /

The actor is welcoming his 9th child with his new girlfriend and when asked about how he’s feeling about being a new dad at 60, he answered with humor.

The star had some hilarious words to say about being a dad again at an older age.