Mermaid Crowns Are The New Flower Crowns And You’re Going To Want One!

Jul 29, 2016 at 11:29 pm |

Who doesn't love a crown?

If you’ve seen a celeb picture from Coachella, been on social media or have someone in your house who uses Snapchat, you’re very aware of the floral crown and how it has basically been the standard accessory for any wedding, concert, or backyard festivity.

Flower crowns have been around for years (decades even) but they’ve really reached peak exposure over the last year or so, with even snap chat creating a flower crown filter that allows everyone to rock the trend.

Every trend has it’s day though, and it seems that the flower crown might be fading in popularity, but that’s ok because the mermaid crown is here to take it’s place and it’s gorgeous!

Instagram user @chelseasflowercrowns

Credit: Instagram / @chelseasflowercrowns

Flower crowns are no longer the hottest accessory to wear, replaced by the stunning mermaid crown!

Mermaid crowns are the hottest new accessory and you're going to want one!