Mila Kunis On How Her Second Pregnancy Is Different From Her First

Jul 21, 2016 at 12:04 pm |

'I Have No Idea How Far Along I Am'

Any of you who have more than one child know that every pregnancy is different, but there’s nothing quite like your first pregnancy. When I was pregnant for the first time I read books, so many books, about what I should eat and what I should do and I what I should expect when I’m expecting. I had the nursery (I even called it a nursery) perfectly prepared for a boy or a girl, with all the little gender neutral colored outfits washed and perfectly folded. I had a fully stocked, perfectly organized diaper bag that I would proudly lug with me everywhere and I subscribed to one of those daily email updates that told me exactly how big my baby was at any given time of gestation. I was very precious about everything.

Fast forward to my 4th pregnancy and when asked when my due date was my response was almost always ‘not soon enough.’ I carried a diaper and a small pack of wipes in my purse and that became my ‘diaper bag’. You could also find a bag of cheerios in my car, my purse, and anywhere else you could stash it. I was the opposite of precious.

Actress Mila Kunis is currently expecting her 2nd child and is revealing that things are a bit different for her as well the second time around.

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Mila Kunis is revealing how her second pregnancy is different from the first, and most women can relate!

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