Mila Kunis Reveals A Major Parenting Fail

Jul 16, 2016 at 9:30 pm |

Not-so-perfect parenting moment

Admit it – you’ve given your toddler ice cream right before bed, and allowed your pre-schooler to watch three hours of cartoons while you were lying sick on the couch with a fever… who am I kidding?

Not even then, when you simply needed a parenting break? You leave your kitchen a mess until it’s time to make dinner, and you’ve even been late picking up your kid from school.

Moms aren’t perfect, which is why Mila Kunis shared her own real story about a not-so-perfect parenting moment.

Credit: Instagram / @heymilakunis

Credit: Instagram / @heymilakunis

Mila Kunis reveals a parenting fail that a lot of parents can relate to and many are left shaking their heads.

Have you ever done this or is this too major?