Minecraft May Not Be As Safe For Kids As We Thought Now That There’s This Mod

Oct 25, 2016 at 10:13 am |

Here’s something you didn’t know about Minecraft.

I know we are one of very few, but my kids never really got around to playing Minecraft on a regular basis. Even though they are well-aware that the game exists and have seen their own friends playing it several times, it just never really caught on in our house, and today I’m thanking my lucky stars for it, too.

Apparently several different reports say that there’s something really creepy about Minecraft that will not only make you delete the app from your child’s laptop, tablet, and phone, but make you rethink your house rules when it comes to giving them access to the virtual world. Seriously, this is going to make you wish we could all revert back to the days when the internet wasn’t as accessible and kids were actually playing games and riding their bikes around the neighborhood.


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There are several new reports that say Minecraft has a sex mod.

Here’s what you need to know because I was shocked and you might be too.