Mom Arrested For Leaving 5-Month-Old In Hot Car So She Could Go Shopping

Jul 8, 2016 at 2:42 pm |

"I would say within five or 10 more minutes, that baby would have been dead.''

For most of us, we could never imagine leaving our child in the car for any reason. Not to just run in to a store to grab milk, not to run in to the post office to drop something off, and definitely not to go in to a store and do some shopping.

This year so far we’ve already seen far too many deaths of children due to being locked in hot cars, so it boggles my mind that someone would willingly leave their infant locked in the car on a hot day, but that’s exactly what one Birmingham area woman did. She’s now facing charges.


Credit: Shutterstock

A Birmingham area woman is under arrest after leaving her 5 month old baby in a hot car while she shopped.

Officers found the 5 month old locked in a car while her mom shopped.