Mom Blogger Shares Topics You Should NEVER Discuss In Public!

Oct 17, 2016 at 12:33 pm |

So ridiculous it's true!

Remember when you used to be able to discuss your parenting decisions without someone telling you you’re doing it wrong or shaming you for your decisions? No? Me neither.

Mom shaming and sanctimommy preaching has gotten so out of hand recently that it amazes me that new mothers still share their parenting decisions at all, but there are certain topics that bring the sanctimommies out of hiding a lot faster than others, and one mom blogger is sharing exactly what those topics are so can you make sure to avoid them at all cost.

Credit: The Subtle Mummy Facebook

Credit: Facebook / The Subtle Mummy

A popular mom blogger has given advice on what topics moms should avoid if they want to avoid the mommy mafia coming for them.

Do you agree with her funny advice?