Mom Created A New Line Of Toys For Everyone Because Boys Play With Dolls Too

Jun 6, 2016 at 2:52 pm |

These are amazing!

If you’re raising children, you’ve no doubt been confronted with gender stereotypes. After all, it’s hard to find female superheroes that our daughter’s can relate too, and we’ve heard about too many mother’s who have been criticized for letting their sons’ dress up in princess dresses.

Kids just want to be able to play with toys without the stigma of gender stereotyping attached to it, which is exactly why one mom from Massachusetts decided to create her own line of dolls after her young son was told that “boys don’t cry.”

Credit: Instagram / @wondercrewtoys

After her son came home from school and told her boys weren’t supposed to cry, one woman decided to create a line of toys to challenge all gender stereotypes.

See the amazing dolls this mom created to challenge gender stereotypes.