Mom Fires Babysitter After Splash Pad Video Goes Viral

Jun 20, 2016 at 10:51 pm |

“It’s terrifying to think that somebody could do something.”

All parents know that when it comes time to leave your child for work, time away or anything in between, choosing the right provider can seem daunting and impossible.

There are some great babysitters, nannies and day care institutions that love your child nearly as much as you do, but there are the odd times that no matter how thorough your check was, your child was placed in danger while in their care.

And when you see video footage of any ill-treatment toward your child, your heart falls into your stomach.

Credit: Facebook / Desiree Howell

Credit: Facebook / Desiree Howell

A mom watched a video go viral on Facebook of a baby in a splash pad before realizing it was her young daughter.

This mom was so right to fire her babysitter after this!